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If you have ever enjoyed a Bible Study with Edd as a teacher you know of his easy going style and his ability to make the Scriptures come alive with clear understanding. His writing is in the same vein. Whether he is writing a Casual Commentary on one of the books of the Bible or giving his take on other relevant topics of the Christian Faith you will find that same easy going style. You can locate his books at and search for Edd Breeden. There you will find current books available and downloads for the kindle or your computer with a kindle app.

Books Available or Coming Soon


Available on Amazon Books and EKindle: • Discipleship Training Manual. • 40 Mornings with the Apostle John, A Study of the Revelations. • Unmasked and Loved, Co-Authored with the late Zelpha Blythe-Persson. • Ephesians Amplified, A Casual Commentary. • Galatians Amplified, A Casual Commentary. • Philippians Amplified, A Casual Commentary. • Prayer, A Practical Guide to Spending Time in the Presence of God. • Worship Services for Special Occasions, Baker House Publishers, out of print.